Mailing Schedule

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As an Artisan Funds shareholder, you will receive detailed tax information to help you properly report the taxes on your Artisan Funds investment. A listing of the year-end statements and IRS forms Artisan Funds may send you each year is provided below.

Statement Applies To Mailing Date
Includes year-end share balance, dollar value and average cost.
All shareholders who owned shares in an Artisan Fund at any time during the prior year. Shareholders in a retirement account will not receive average cost information. By Mid– January

IRS Tax Form Applies To Mailing Date
Distributions (including capital gains and income)
Shareholders with tax-reportable distributions. By January 31
FORM 1099-B
Proceeds from redemption or exchange of shares in Artisan Funds. 2012 1099-B Tax Information
Shareholders with tax-reportable redemptions or exchanges (except IRA and retirement accounts – see Form 1099-R). By January 31
FORM 1099-R
Distributions from Artisan-sponsored retirement accounts
Shareholders who received an IRA or retirement account distribution. By January 31
FORM 5498
Contributions to Artisan-sponsored retirement plans
Shareholders who made current tax-year IRA contributions or calendar-year rollover or direct rollover contributions to an IRA, SEP-IRA, Simple IRA or who have a balance in their account at year-end. By May 31
FORM 1099-Q
Distributions from an Artisan Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)
Shareholders who received a Coverdell ESA distribution. By January 31
Contributions to an Artisan Sponsored ESA
Each shareholder for whom an ESA was maintained. By April 30

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