Changing Account Info

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Use the Shareholder Options Form to update the following information on your Artisan Funds account:
  • Change your Mailing Address
  • Change your Distribution Options
  • Add Telephone Redemption privilege
  • Add Telephone Purchase privilege
  • Add a Systematic Withdrawal Plan
  • Add an Automatic Investment Plan
  • Change your bank or bank account information
Mail the completed form to appropriate address below:

For regular mail delivery:
Artisan Funds
c/o Boston Financial
PO Box 8412
Boston, MA 02266-8412
         For overnight delivery:
Artisan Funds
c/o Boston Financial
30 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021-2809

Please note: some account changes may require a medallion signature guarantee. To protect you and your Fund from fraud, some redemption requests and account changes must be submitted in writing and include a medallion signature guarantee.

All Medallion guarantees must use a STAMP2000 Medallion imprint appropriate for the nature and dollar amount of the transaction. Each owner's signature must show the capacity in which the signer is acting (for example, "Jane Doe, as Trustee") and must be guaranteed separately from any other signature. For example, a joint account with two owners requires two Medallion guarantees. Note that a Medallion guarantee will cover only transactions within a range of designated dollar values. You must be sure that the Medallion guarantee on your request is appropriate for the dollar value of your transaction. If you are signing on behalf of a corporation, trust, partnership or other entity, you may have to provide evidence of your authority to sign on behalf of such entity to obtain the Medallion guarantee. A form or transaction request received with an imprint other than an appropriate STAMP2000 Medallion imprint may be rejected. You should be able to obtain a Medallion guarantee with an appropriate STAMP2000 Medallion imprint from a bank, broker-dealer, securities exchange or association, clearing agency, savings association or credit union if authorized under state law. Please contact your financial institution for its Medallion guarantee requirements and fees. A notary public cannot provide a Medallion guarantee.

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