How to Buy or Sell

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By Mail 

Mail your check for $50 or more to one of the addresses listed below (use the address that matches the delivery mechanism you are using — regular mail or overnight delivery) along with the additional investment form at the bottom of your account statement or a letter indicating the amount of the purchase, your account number and the name in which your account is registered. All checks must be made payable to 'Artisan Funds' or to the name of the Fund in which you are investing. Please print your account number on your check. Cash, money orders, travelers checks, credit card payments, credit card checks, third-party checks, starter checks and checks drawn on non-U.S. financial institutions will not be accepted.

For regular mail delivery:
Artisan Funds
c/o Boston Financial
PO Box 8412
Boston, MA 02266-8412
    For overnight delivery:
Artisan Funds
c/o Boston Financial
30 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021-2809

By Telephone – 800.344.1770 

The telephone purchase option enables you to add from $50 to $50,000 to your account by telephone. You may elect the telephone purchase option on your application or by completing the shareholder options form after your account has been opened. A telephone purchase with funds to be drawn from your bank account is generally effective on the business day after your call, if you call before the time as of which the Fund calculates its NAV, or on the second business day after your call if you call after the time as of which the Fund's NAV has been calculated for the day. Your financial institution may impose a fee for wire or electronic funds transfer.

By Exchange 

You may exchange between identically registered accounts by telephone. Telephone exchanges are subject to a minimum exchange of $50 and are subject to these restrictions:
  • If you wish to exchange between Funds, both accounts must be registered in the same name, with the same address and taxpayer identification (social security or employer identification) number.
  • Your exchange will be processed on the business day on which you call if you call before the time as of which the Fund calculates its NAV, or on the next business day after your call if you call after the time as of which the Fund's NAV has been calculated for the day.
  • If your account is subject to backup withholding, you may not use the telephone exchange plan.
  • If you use the telephone exchange plan more than four times in any rolling twelve-month period, Artisan Funds may terminate your access to the plan. Exchanges conducted through an omnibus account are not subject to this limitation because the Funds are not able to identify the underlying investors but you may be subject to restrictions imposed by the financial intermediary.
  • Artisan Emerging Markets Fund, Global Equity Fund, Artisan Global Value Fund, Artisan Global Opportunities Fund, Artisan International Fund, Artisan International Small Cap Fund and Artisan International Value Fund may charge you a 2% redemption fee on exchanges of shares owned for 90 days or less.

Artisan Funds reserves the right, without notice, to revise or terminate the exchange privilege, limit the amount of any exchange, or reject an exchange, at any time, for any reason.

By Wire 

Please call 800.344.1770 for instructions on adding to an account by wire.

By Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) 

The AIP allows you to make regular, systematic investments into your Artisan Fund. You purchase shares by transferring money from your designated checking or savings account directly into your Artisan Fund account. Simply designate your monthly investment amount (the monthly minimum is $50) and the day (between the 3rd and the 28th) you want the transfer to take place. If you do not select a day, the withdrawal from your account will be made on the 15th of the month. If a withdrawal date falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be transferred from your bank account on the business day prior to the date you selected. Artisan Funds will not be responsible for non-sufficient funds fees. If your AIP does not clear, your purchase will be cancelled. You will be liable for any resulting losses or fees a Fund or its transfer agent incurs. If your purchase through the AIP fails to clear on two consecutive occasions, the Fund will terminate your AIP.

To add this convenient feature to your Artisan Fund account, please call 800.344.1770 or click on: Shareholder Options Form. Please note: Your financial institution may charge you a fee for electronic transfers of funds. Click here for more Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) information.

Systematic investing does not ensure a profit, nor does it protect you against a loss in a declining market. Also, systematic investing will not keep you from losing money if you decide to sell your shares when the market is down.

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