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Follow these 4 steps to assemble your investment kit. If you prefer to order by telephone, call 800.344.1770 during normal business hours.

PLEASE NOTE - ALL INVESTMENT KITS INCLUDE: a summary prospectus, an application and a recent quarterly update for the Artisan Funds. IRA kits also include: IRA disclosure booklet, custodial agreement and IRA transfer form. Education Savings Account Kits also include: Education Savings Account disclosure booklet and custodial agreement and Education Savings Account Transfer form. Additional applications and financial reports will be sent upon your request.

Step 1
Select what type of account(s) you would like to open.
Regular Account
Traditional IRA Account (Difference between Traditional & Roth IRA)
Roth IRA Account (Difference between Traditional & Roth IRA)
Education Savings Account
Step 2
Choose which Artisan Fund(s) you are interested in.
Emerging Markets Fund
Global Equity Fund
Global Opportunities Fund
Global Small Cap Fund
Global Value Fund - closed*
International Fund
International Small Cap Fund - closed*
International Value Fund - closed*
Mid Cap Fund - closed*
Mid Cap Value Fund - closed*
Small Cap Fund - closed*
Small Cap Value Fund - closed*
Value Fund
*Fund is closed to most new investors. For eligibility requirements, see Investing in a Closed Fund.
Step 3 (Optional)
Do you need supplemental applications or forms? If so, select the items you would like below. You may request up to five additional applications/forms per order.
Please note: you will receive one copy of the applicable account application with the investment kit that you select in Step 1.
Regular Account Application(s)
IRA Account Application(s) - Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
IRA Transfer Form(s) - Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
IRA Change of Beneficiary Form - Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
IRA Distribution Request Form - Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
Education Savings Account Application(s)
Education Savings Account Transfer Form(s)
Non-IRA Redemption Form
Shareholder Options Form(s) (more information)
Step 4
Enter your name and mailing address below:
* Optional Fields
First Name
Last Name
Company Name*

Area Code*
Telephone Number*
You should receive your request within 5 to 7 business days.

The following Artisan Funds regulatory documents are available online or by calling 800.344.1770 during normal business hours: Statutory Prospectus, Statement of Additional Information (SAI), Annual and Semi-Annual reports.


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