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The following Account Options are available on the majority of Artisan Funds.

Telephone Purchase
Allows you to purchase by telephone any Artisan Fund you are eligible to purchase with payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your designated bank account. Simply check the appropriate box on your Artisan Funds application and enclose a voided blank check.

Telephone Exchange
Allows you to exchange shares between existing identically registered Artisan Funds accounts, or open a new account via an exchange from a current account. Minimum of $1,000 per exchange. You automatically receive this option on your account application.

Telephone Redemption
You may redeem shares of Artisan Funds by telephone ($500 minimum). The proceeds will be mailed to your address of record, transferred to your bank account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or wired to your bank account. You automatically receive this option on your account application unless you choose not to have the option.

Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) 
This service is a convenient way to make regular, systematic investments into your Artisan Fund. Once a month, you purchase shares by transferring money from your designated checking or savings account directly into your Artisan Fund. Simply decide how much you want to invest (the monthly minimum is $50) and the day (between the 3rd and the 28th) that you want the transfer to take place.

The rest is automatic. There are no telephone calls to make, no monthly forms to complete and no trips to the post office. You're not locked in. If you wish to discontinue the AIP, just notify us in writing.

To open an account:
Complete and sign the Automatic Investment Plan section of the account application. If you choose the Automatic Investment Plan when you open your account, the minimum initial investment of $1,000 will be waived.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)
This service lets you withdraw a set amount from your account at regular intervals. To be eligible for systematic withdrawal, you must have at least $5,000 in your Artisan Fund account and must withdraw at least $50 per transaction. If you would like to add this option, please call us at 800.344.1770 or download a shareholder options form. You must use the IRA Distribution Request Form to request systematic withdrawals from your IRA account.
For regular mail delivery:
Artisan Funds
PO Box 8412
Boston, MA 02266-8412
For overnight delivery:
Artisan Funds
c/o Boston Financial
30 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021-2809
Currently not an option on any Artisan Fund.

Share Certificates
We do not issue share certificates, due to the difficulty of tracking such certificates and the added cost of issuing/tracking certificates.

Disclosure: Systematic investing does not ensure a profit, nor does it protect you against a loss in a declining market. Also, systematic investing will not keep you from losing money if you decide to sell your shares when the market is down.

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