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Advantages of a Global Approach

Jim Hamel, Portfolio Manager for Artisan Global Opportunities Fund, discusses what he believes are the advantages of a global investment approach.

This material represents the views of the manager as of 13-Nov-12. The views and opinions expressed are based on current market conditions, which will fluctuate and those views are subject to change without notice. While the information contained herein is believed to be reliable, there no guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of any statement in the discussion. This material is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any investment service, product or individual security. Any forecasts contained herein are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be relied upon as advice or interpreted as a recommendation.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. For further information on the Artisan Global Opportunities Fund managed by the Artisan Growth team, including current to most recent month-end performance, please click here.

Investors should consider carefully before investing the Fund’s investment objective, risks and charges and expenses. For a prospectus or summary prospectus, which contains that information and other information about the Fund, please call us at 800.344.1770. Please read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.

Equity investing involves market risk, among others. There is no guarantee the market will perform favorably over a given time. Growth securities may underperform other asset types during a given period. International investments involve special risks, including currency fluctuation, lower liquidity, different accounting methods and economic and political systems, and higher transaction costs. These risks typically are greater in emerging markets. Securities of medium-sized companies tend to be more volatile and less liquid than those of large companies, may have underperformed the securities of large companies during some periods and tend to have a shorter history of operations than large companies.

R&D stands for Research & Development, which is an activity that a company undertakes to develop new products or services, or methods of production.

Artisan Funds offered through Artisan Partners Distributors LLC (APDLLC), member FINRA. APDLLC is a wholly owned broker/dealer subsidiary of Artisan Partners Holdings LP. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership, an investment advisory firm and adviser to Artisan Funds, is wholly owned by Artisan Partners Holdings LP.

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