Company Overview
Artisan Partners

Total Assets: $107.4 Billion
(as of 03/31/2014)
Associates: 319
Founded: 1994
Autonomous Investment Teams: 6
Active Equity Strategies: 14
Principal Offices: Milwaukee,
San Francisco, Atlanta,
New York, Kansas City, London

“At Artisan, our sole business is high value-added investment management. As a high value-added investment manager we recognize that our most important asset is our talent. Therefore, everything we do is consciously designed to create an investment culture that allows talent to thrive. From the autonomous structure of our teams, to the resources we provide to support their unique processes to our distinct business management team. The goal is to optimize the time of our investment professionals and create an environment that encourages independent thinking and original research.”

Eric Colson,
CEO, Artisan Partners

Artisan Partners is an independent investment management firm focused on providing a broad range of active equity investment strategies to sophisticated clients globally. We currently offer thirteen distinct equity strategies spanning different market capitalization segments and investing styles. We offer separate account management for institutional investors and mutual fund vehicles for each of our principal strategies.

For further information on Artisan Partners, adviser to the Artisan Funds visit

Artisan Partners Limited Partnership and Artisan Partners UK LLP are authorized to provide discretionary investment management services to clients and collectively (with their parent company) are referred to as Artisan Partners in this material.

Artisan Funds offered through Artisan Partners Distributors LLC (APDLLC), member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). APDLLC is a wholly owned broker/dealer subsidiary of Artisan Partners Holdings LP. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership, an investment advisory firm and adviser to Artisan Funds, is wholly owned by Artisan Partners Holdings LP.

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